Objeto/Espacio No. III

Ana María Bermúdez

Score cover and program note for composer, Luis Fernando Amaya's, premier of Objeto/Espacio No. III (Object/Space No.III).

"This piece belongs to a series of works to be expreienced in a similar way in which one acquaints oneself with a found object or a new space. It is always a personal and particular approach: two people never scrutinize an object or inhabit a space in the exact same way. This particular space/object is constantly morphing; it is/takes place in an imaginary room where sound reverbs in transforming surfaces and its dimensions change over time. In Objeto/Espacio no.3, Weston and I create a sound world that can be inhabited freely without abandoning its limits. However, there is always the possibility of encountering am hole in a wall."

Ana Maria Bermudez