ON / Rules

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ON Journal is an interdisciplinary publishing project. Each issue of the journal is produced as both a Risograph-printed artist book and a program of readings/performances. In this way, ON hopes to anthologize experimental writing and arts practices in multiple formats, encouraging texts to take on varied and unexpected instantiations. ON Journal’s naming schema purposefully rejects a continuous description. That is, each new issue incorporates a new topic as well as a shifting array of contemporary writers and artists to address it.

The third issue of ON Journal, titled ON / Rules, takes the “rule” as its critical through-line: “This is a book about abstractions (rules) and following them and breaking them and writing about them and visualizing them and grinding them to dust. It is about consequences and the lack of them and who exactly is privy to them.” ON / Rules’s featured writers and artists investigate the inscription of prohibition through myriad forms of poetry, experimental essay, and dialogue.

132 pages, 6.75 x 9 inches, Risograph-printed, perfect-bound. First edition of 200 copies.

Designer, Printer
Lucas Reif
Austin White
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