Moving at the Tempo of a Broken Song

Formless Shapeless

Front cover, back cover, and gate-fold
Full interior spread

This program was created for the exhibit, "Moving at the Tempo of a Broken Song", curated by Eugenia Delfini and shown at the Hessel Museum of Art at Annandale-on-Hudson. Featuring the works of Danilo Correale, Alison O’Daniel, and Alexander Provan, Delfini's exhibition explores processes of listening by examining ways in which sound is mediated by various apparatuses, whether technological or body-related.

Words in a program are often read silently, and the curator and I contemplated on how they might be read aloud. The design for this program considers the various ways in which the written language acts as a notatation for speech. By focusing on punctuation as a way of demarcating various forms of breaks, pauses, and emphases in speech, the design mimics the way in which musical scores must indicate various cadences, modulations, and tempos.

Bo-Won Keum