About STA 100

Each year, the STA 100 seeks to award the best 100 examples of communication design from around the world that utilize innovative typography. 

About the STA

Since it was founded in Chicago on October 17, 1927, the STA has existed to encourage excellence and professionalism in all aspects of design, printing and typography. Originally a chapter of the New York-based American Institute of Graphic Arts, in 1927 the Society of Typographic Arts created its own identity as an organization of Chicago’s leading professional designers, typographers, and printers.

Typographers R. Hunter Middleton and Osward Bruce Cooper were early Fellows of the Society, which was firmly established by 1939 when L. Moholy-Nagy and the Bauhaus came to Chicago. Through the years the activities of the STA and the work of its members have helped sustain the city’s tradition of excellence in all aspects of the graphic arts.

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Display typeface is Hesse Antiqua, designed by Gudrun Zapf von Hesse in 1946