You Create Tomorrow

One Design Company

A series of prompts are contained within each letterform of the word “YOU.” Viewers are encouraged to interact with the poster, contributing their ideas and perspectives in response to each prompt.
Attendees of the “Chicago’s Tomorrow, Today” exhibition, interacting with the poster installation.
Posters were printed in large quantities and given away to attendees, encouraging use in their own communities.
Posters were printed on cheap architectural bond paper, ideal for wheatpaste application.

A typographic poster series designed to spur action within communities, prompting viewers to engage and share perspectives regarding how their individual actions and observations can benefit the improvement of their surroundings.

Custom type was drawn to maximize the white space on each poster, creating a blank canvas that invites viewers to contribute their thoughts and ideas in response to a series of prompts presented within each letterform.

Large-scale typography also equates to less ink coverage, which lowers the cost of printing in high quantity for mass distribution—creating a piece ripe for installation within a wide variety of community settings.

The work was initially installed as part of the “Chicago’s Tomorrow, Today” exhibition at Minimal in Chicago’s West Loop. In addition to its display on the gallery wall, 250 posters were given away for free for individuals to use, distribute, and install within their own communities.

Posters are available for download and distribution via the supplied dropbox link.

David Sieren
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