Yalda Night

The Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane of the Earth's revolution around the sun each year.
The Persian word for Yalda Night (شب يلدا) is written with the Persian aesthetic Shekasteh script, also acting as the rising sun conquering darkness.

Event Poster for Yalda Night
The Winter Solstice known as “Shabe -Yalda” is the longest night of the year, after which days get longer gradually. In Persian culture, this is celebrated as a metaphorical birth of the Sun (Mehr) and the triumph of light, love, and goodness or the powers of oppression and darkness. Celebrations include reading poetry,
comradery, feasting, storytelling, and love. It is treated as an all-night endeavor and celebrated in different ways by different communities.
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Graphic Designer
Pouya Jahanshahi