Art@Work: Marwen 36th Paintbrush Ball

Leo Burnett Department of Design

Invite Envelope and Return Card
Program (with built-in Paddle Number)
Table Numbers

The Marwen Paintbrush Ball is an annual gathering that unites over 400 esteemed philanthropists, cultural influencers, and community leaders in support of empowering Chicago's youth through the transformative force of art. The event serves as a platform to raise essential funds, allowing Marwen to sustain their diverse range of creative youth development programs without imposing any financial burden on the families they serve.

Inspired by the many student success stories, this year we decided to highlight the Art@Work internship program. The program not only provides practical skills but also instills a sense of confidence and purpose in budding artists.

Tasked with developing a visual language for save the date, invite, and printed event materials we let the spirit of Art@Work guide us. The intersection of creativity and office-life was at the core of our thinking, quite literally ‘art’ and ‘work’.

We imagined “what would happen if you left a group of Marwen interns overnight in an office?” The result, a creative expression emphasizing the artistic potential of seemingly mundane objects like recycled paper, highlighters, and staples. Underscoring the notion that creativity knows no bounds and that even the simplest materials can yield profound artistic impact.

EVP Head of Design
Alisa Wolfson
VP Design Director
Shereen Boury
Brian Berk
Hannah Nieves
Colleen Capola
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