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AutoSummarize is an artist book by Jason Huff that features the top one-hundred, most downloaded copyright-free eBooks from Project Gutenberg circa March 2010, each book summarized down to a handful of sentences using Microsoft Word 2008's AutoSummarize function. The results are beautifully broken — absurd, funny, apt and poetical.

This redesigned second edition, published at the advent of major breakthroughs in AI systems, includes a foreword written by ChatGPT and a barcode-based image generated by DALL•E.

Typeset in Glossy Magazine by Mads Wildgaard and Everson Mono by Michael Everson.

1-color digital offset on 70# natural uncoated text and
100# white uncoated cover with silver foil stamp and 4-inch flaps
5.5  ×  8.5  ×  .7 inches
edition of 100, 2023

Jason Huff
Graphic designer
Adam Swift Lucas
Specific Ideas
Type designer
Mads Wildgaard
Type designer
Michael Everson
Edition One
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