Gary Simmons: Public Enemy

Bus shelter poster
Plaza banner
5x5 flyer
Title wall and exhibition wall graphics
Exhibition interpretation video

The exhibition graphic design of Gary Simmons: Public Enemy stems from the content of the show itself. In Public Enemy, Simmons coolly reckons with stark, omnipresent representations of race, class, education, gender, and identity in America through vehicles of visual culture, such as urbanism, film, music, and sports. The Creative Studio at the MCA Chicago used these themes to effectively communicate identity through provoking assets within and outside of the museum.The studio produced flyers, wheat paste posters, wall texts, signage, retail ephemera, print ads and a physical reading room centering on a black-and-white color scheme with bold typography and pops of color that underscored the MCA identity and platformed the work of Simmons.

Director of Creative
Suraiya Nathani Hossain
Brian Hedrick
Production Designer
Katie Williams
Director of Content Strategy
Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan
Senior Editor
Tyler Laminack
Antonio Díaz Oliva
Elijah Teitelbaum
Tito Molina
Video Production Manager
Sam Clapp
Director of Production
Paul Deuth
Drew Wittler
Vinyl Installer
Glenn Wexler
Associate Director of Learning, Interpretation and Audience Evaluation
Jeremy Kreusch
Director of Communications
Abraham Ritchie
Director of Marketing
Chris Cloud
Social Media Producer
Rainn Thomas
Digital Communications Manager
Lindsay Starr
Marketing Coordinator
Hannah Smith
Chief Communications and Content Officer
Laura Herrera
James W. Alsdorf Chief Curator
René Morales
Associate Curator
Jadine Collingwood
Assistant Curator
Jack Schneider
Gary Simmons