Free Palestine!

Echo Design Studio

Numerous lives have been tragically lost, including those of innocent children, as a result of the recent devastating bombings in Gaza. It is disheartening to witness what can only be described as an ongoing genocide, while the most powerful world leaders, driven by financial interests, turn a blind eye. These war crimes are an extension of a long-standing occupation and oppression of Palestine.

Feeling a profound sense of helplessness, I was compelled to take action. Utilizing my creative talents, I decided to design a poster to express my solidarity with the people of Palestine, but what I accidentally ended up creating is a flexible brand identity system that anyone can use to build their own messaging and designs. This design system serves as a free resource, available for others to use and share. It can be printed for demonstrations, displayed in windows, or distributed among others.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate designs of Palestinian embroidery (also known as tatreez), I incorporated various symbols and imagery that symbolize the beauty of Palestine. I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to my friend Basma Abouelenein (an Egyptian American designer with ties to the Palestinian community) for contributing ideas to this creation.

Designer of Poster
Drew LeVan
Helped Contribute Ideas for Imagery
Basma Abouelenein

Judges Choice: Linda Byrne

Honorable Mention