Typeforce 11

Nermin Moufti + Will Miller

Typeforce is an annual Chicago-based exhibition celebrating emerging typographic artists and designers. For its 11th year event, we designed a visual identity and type system that flexes seamlessly across print and digital environments.

The system comprised of a variable typeface born from pushing the boundaries of contrast, balance, and symmetry of the number 11. The typeface nods to the varying talents and diverse perspectives represented in the exhibition, while the iridescent textures feature a utopian, reflective quality inherent in the numeric symbolism of 11.

To promote the event, we designed an interactive website, beer can labels, instagram posts, and an exhibition book to-be-completed in 2021.

Custom Typeface: Typeforce 11
Supporting Typeface: Telegraf

Will Miller
Nermin Moufti
Web Development
Bryant Smith
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