Typeforce 11 Window


The Typeforce 11 Window Installation is a physical experiment of variable typography communicating power and evolution. Variable typefaces can expand and grow through pre-planned parameters but in a physical installation, these parameters must be pre-fabricated in order to express a full spectrum of variability in the real world. Arduino animations enhanced notions of evolution by powering the typeface to randomize, decay, crescendo, expand or emphasize.

The typeface was constructed using grid-based modules that allowed for text expansion across a vertical and horizontal axis. In the physical installation, that same grid translated to an LED matrix, where each module of light could be controlled similar to a low-fi LED screen. The typography became embedded in the structure as segments of LED light.

Wood channels held vertical columns of LED's to further project, reflect, and amplify the light outward. By flipping switches on and off for each individual module and orchestrating the timing of each module, we created a variety of animations all around the notion of evolution, growth, and power.

Dean Sweetnich
Nermin Moufti
Tom Tian
Will Miller