Type Chaosifier

Dev Valladares

A compilation of experiments using the tool. The beginning features only order; somewhere around the middle, there is the occasional bout of chaos.
An ampersand in the Fractal mode. Gentle rotation.
Letters from different phenomena. Mesh, Swarm, Jellyfish, Particle.
A different choice of fonts, with multi-lingual support
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Try it yourself! Do click the link above.

Generative typography meets the laws of physics and the eternal duality of order and chaos. The Type Chaosifier is the outcome of a semester-long Generative Type coding class, where I went from learning the very basics of the versatile p5.js, to creating complex systems.

The Chaosifier comprises 8 different phenomena (so far) – Fractal, Jellyfish, Mesh, Orbit, Particle, Rain, Space, Swarm. They can be changed using the dropdown list at the top. The default mode is Control, where changes can be made and details tweaked; the Chaos mode, on the other hand increases entropy radically. Order can be restored clicking the Control button once again.

I hope to open-source outcomes from this tool; not only to play around with or create nice results, but also to create interest in coding, typography, and the overlap of the two.

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Dev Valladares
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