This Is All Too Fragile

Tanner Woodford

Installation View
It Is Time to Save the Planet (152×89")
Time and Tide Wait for No One (133×89")
Section from Cutting Room Floor (11×17")
Installation View

This Is All Too Fragile is a solo exhibition at The Fields, a historic warehouse once home to Marshall Field & Company.

This body of work represents a tension he is confronted with daily, weighing the simple appeal of convenience against its systemic impact on his daughter’s future on this planet.

This idea, alongside the many nuanced challenges it unearths, are represented through bold typographic statements that put the concept front and center on oversized lightboxes. This is further punctuated through a series made with repurposed materials from past professional projects, which paints a picture not just of a mandate for change, but an entirely new way of living. Of not just reusing and recycling, but adding meaning and value to waste materials.

It’s time to change everything.

Tanner Woodford
Robyn Woodford
Sheilah Carroll
Jeni Moore, JLL
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