Toast–International Design Festival

I used the toast as a tool, dipped it in ink and drew letterforms with it, even drew with the different sides of the toast. This experiment prompted me to use foam brushes and ink to mimic the same aesthetic to craft the same aesthetic.
As a designer, I am fascinated by analog processes and mediums. I screen-printed posters which showcased the words' Journeys', 'Inspiration' and 'Conversations' as the central visual element.
I designed a rice installation or 'rangoli' to promote the event. Based on a grid I sketched with chalk, My GDMFA family at MICA came together to fill In the outlines with rice as a collaborative exercise.
Titled, 'Post–Toast', this tabloid format publication showcased some of the highlights from the event. This became a design piece that perfectly captured the different interactions of the event on paper.
I also had to document all this work in the form of a Thesis Book. Below is a compilation of some selected spreads and a runthrough of the publication.

My final thesis project at the Maryland Institute College Of Art (MICA) for the Graphic Design MFA investigates the positive role of an experience in today’s world and as a potential tool to consider while approaching a design problem. By taking upon the role of a curator, planner and designer, I looked at the format of a festival/conference/event to provide a platform for the Asian and middle-east design community working in the USA. This provided these designers an opportunity to share their unique insights and connections between their culture and their work. Titled Toast—International Design Festival, The event took place on 15 February 2019 for the Graphic design community at MICA.

Pragun Agarwal
Pragun Agarwal
Pragun Agarwal
Ellen Lupton
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