UN. Kvartirnik

Eremenko Visual Communication

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Close up view
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Poster for United Notions Collaborative Exhibition 2017 curated by The Bakery design studio. 40 posters from 20 studios, explaining simple and complex things through type, illustration, form and colour.

Term: Kvartirnik.
“Kvartirnik” is a live music concert held in a private apartment. Kvartira means flat or apartment in Russian. These were wide spread in 1970–80’s in USSR, almost all of them had illegal and underground status. The situation when rock bands weren’t able to play in clubs and bars, because of the official goverment policy, pushed young generation to find a new way of communication with fans. Due to space limit in apartment, boundaries beetween musicians and an audience erased and a concert usually transformed to friendly party. During these live concerts a lot of sound tape records were done, copies were being distributed illegaly as well. Kvartirnik is a crucial phenomenon in alternative music culture in 70–80s and played a significant role in rock music development in Russia.

Konstantin Eremenko
United Notions
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