UN. Multiplicity

Eremenko Visual Communication

Close up view
Close up view
Close up view
Three posters combination

The poster for United Notions Collaborative Exhibition 2017 curated by The Bakery design studio. 40 posters from 20 studios, explaining simple and complex things through type, illustration, form and colour.

Term: Multiplicity.
The brief by Bruce Mau Design (Canada). Historically Canada has been known as the Land of Immigration because of the very large numbers of immigrants who come to the country year after year. Even its first Prime Minister in 1867 was born in Scotland. Both Canadians and the Canadian government are very supportive of this influx of foreign residents as migration is seen as being beneficial to the economic and cultural health of the country. As a result Canada’s identity is complex and dynamic, yet often misunderstood.

Konstantin Eremenko
United Notions
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