UIUC MFA Identity System

JP Ramirez

Student Booklet Series (Series of 11 books)
Subidentity system for each MFA major
Promotional poster system (Series of 5 posters)
"Building block" glyphset specimen
Modular grid system breaks any medium into a grid of 9 squares, allows for the core identity letters to arrange themselves in a minimally intrusive and complementary composition to the featured student artwork.

Identity system for the Master of Fine Arts Program at the University of Illinois (Urbana / Champaign). The process yielded a modular graphic system that affords endless variability in how the institution expresses itself and showcases its students' work across every medium. The deliverables are distributed world-wide to other institutions, prospective faculty + students, and creative professionals.

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Typography
JP Ramirez
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