How to Hide in Plain Sight

Alyssa Arnesen

Initial 'gibberish' text block.
Aim to be inconspicuous instead of invisible.
Use the crowd as your camouflage.
Leave when no one is looking.

This letterpressed how-to manual physically exemplifies its concept: how to hide in plain sight. The book plays hide-and-seek with its reader as the pages reveal multiple instructions concealed within a single typeset composition. The phrases quickly fade back into obscurity as the book culminates in a page presenting the text block in which all the phrases are present, yet hiding again in plain sight.

Each individual character was handset and custom masks were used to overprint the hidden messages. This book is a permanent piece in the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection.

Alyssa Arnesen
Cathie Ruggie-Saunders
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