Dani Reis

This concept explores the idea of the Visual CommunicationDesign department as DNA, representing student’s creativity and individuality. Like the dynamic structure of DNA, we constantly seek new possibilities through our design process.

The four-letter code used to describe DNA is re-envisioned as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK), the four print-based colors used to create innumerable color combinations. These basic building blocks that represent our individuality not only make our department unique but also a unified whole. A simple formula was devised to express this idea by assigning each student a unique color. Each letter of the alphabet was assigned one of four colors. K was assigned to the letters least used, for it can easily overpower the others. C, M, and Y were assigned, in alternating order, to the remaining letters, although Y was applied to extra letters as it is a somewhat recessive color with a lighter chromatic value. The percentage of each color was set to 15, representing our class year. A color aggregate based on the letters in students’ names determined their unique colors.

Tracy Lee