Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

Identity, website and communication materials for Second Thoughts.

Second Thoughts is a program of lectures, workshops, and panel discussions focused on artistic practices that use visual communication and graphic design as mediums and motives of critical research and experimentation. The first Second Thoughts Series began Fall 2015 with a visit from David Reinfurt to Fundación Alumnos47 and Museo Tamayo in Mexico City and will run for one calendar year. Additional events during this time include lectures, panels, and workshops with Metahaven and Constant Dullard.

Designs leverage a simplified set of proof readers marks to track design and writing edits and additions. In many cases updating constantly in real-time. Inspired by code-revision systems, which track every change made during the development of a piece of software. Second Thought’s materials reveals these changes using a diffmerge script.

Federico Perez Villoro
Christopher Hamamoto
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