Repressurize 2515

344 Design, LLC

This is a parody of a design conference poster. It’s a die-cut, varnished poster for a design conference set 500 years in the future. I designed it as a gift to the audience of the 2015 AIGA Design Conference.

Dubbed “Repressurize 2515,” this conference will take place at the New London Colony in orbit around Saturn’s moon Titan from the 37th to the 39th of September 2515. It’s presented by AIGA’s successor organization, the Solar System Intitute of Graphic Arts. As in the present, designers will worry about branding for new audiences, they’ll talk about what makes a good logo, and about how to stay creative. Except now the new audience will be octopuses, logos will be grown in vats, and staying creative may involve having your head cryogenically frozen.

The poster itself is a screenshot from a 2515 display unit, fixed to paper so as to be present-tense-compatible. (You’d never get the tiny fusion power cells through temporal customs.) It shows the basic event details, keynote speakers and their topics, sponsors, and lots of helpful tidbits about touristy things to do in the neighborhood. Of course, if you’re pressed for time and have the necessary equipment, you can always VR the entire thing by scanning the preview code.

Even with the considerable resources of SIGA, mounting an ambitious conference like this requires partners. Luckily, we received a lot of support from some great organizations from all over the solar system. The future is bright, and there will have been massive changes to the way commercial transaction are conducted, but sponsorship will never go out of style. In the end, people want to help, and it’s nice to acknowledge that with a parade of logos.

There’s so much more.

Stefan G. Bucher