Alex Dartt Design

Morse code is one of many forms of communication that transcends typical spoken language. In a series of experiments, a typeface was created using dots and dashes as formal elements. Rules were set and followed for the creation of the alphabet. For example, all elements would be shown with strokes between the pieces to reveal their native form while being grouped together to create letterforms.

Morse code was used traditionally on railways and trains for communication. Words were created with the letters from the typeface and paired with photos of train cars and rail yards taken by myself and local photographers. Adding texture with line and dot halftone patterns spoke further to the dots and dashes found in morse code. It also spoke to the black and white zine application these photos were a part of because halftones are often utilized in one color prints. A black and white quick and dirty zine was the result of these experiments with the type and photo mashup.

Alex Dartt