There Trying Times-Being Chinese in America Then and Now

Screen Print and Digital Print on Shimarein paper

These Trying Times: Being Chinese in America Then and Now, a series of typography-based prints highlighting the Chinese immigrant experience in America historically and in the current socio-political environment. The Chinese in America have been the target of a broad scope and array of stigmas and stereotypes throughout American history, ranging from thieves and swindlers to quiet, hard-working models of society. Currently, China is painted as the source of America’s health and economic woes by the former and current presidents’ administrations, translating into abnormally higher instances of hate and discrimination reported by the Asian community. Being a Chinese immigrant, I have firsthand experiences of misunderstanding and targeting from my American family members and the community. I wanted to create a series of bilingual posters that advocate and provide empathy and understanding for a group of people who are vital to the growth and prosperity of this nation. I chose four critical Chinese Americans from various fields across different periods to better represent this group.

Ting Wang-Hedges