The Swiss National Bank


Title, table of content, content and endpaper with the marble floor – printed with silver and white on black paper.
Content page.
Lists and register.
Past directors, iconic mirror hallway by Haussmann, vault and shredded money.
Entrance into the building.

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its main building. To mark the occasion, the SNB is publishing a comprehensive publication. With contributions by Adam Caruso, Dominique Baumann, Patrick Halbeisen, Daniel Kurz, Bruno Maurer, Anna Minta, Thomas Müller, Dennis Neu, Susanne Rock, Sabine Sträuli and Ursula Suter, as well as photographs by Leo Fabrizio and Maurice K. Grünig. The book contains historical photographic material and provides a photographic insight into the premises of this important institution, previously hidden from the public.
The chronology of the book reflects the situation in the building: before entering the building, you see the imposing stone columns with impressive ornaments. Then through the security gate you enter the entrance hall with the black and white marble floor. Then you take a tour of the building, the counter hall, the director's office, the iconic mirrored hallway by Haussmann, the historic vault and much more.

Cybu Richli
Fabienne Burri
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