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Berkeley Typographers Posters 1981, 1986
Laserscan Poster 1989
Ferrington Guitars Book 1992
Matthew Carter Poster 2010

Overlap/Dissolve is an autobiographical monograph that presents a retrospective of our 40-year collaborative design studio, Skolos-Wedell. Prototypes, iterations, and studio set-ups highlight the process behind the finished work, which unfolds by decade from the 1980s to the 2020s, each section beginning with a timeline of notable events. A pair of conversations between us serves as the primary text, providing a direct view into our collaborative design thinking.

The book’s grid subdivides the pages into two vertical and two horizontal areas with a square lower section. Enlarged poster details occupy the vertical areas to create the illusion of overlap by eclipsing images that appear in full on the neighboring spread. The design reinforces the progression of projects as one dissolves into the next and embodies the continuum of the learning process, which comprises both incremental steps forward and occasional slips backward.

Nancy Skolos
Thomas Wedell
Introductory Essay Author
Andrew Blauvelt
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