letterpress print under UV light
lego bricks typeset on the letterpress bed
first layer printing process—fluorescent orange
second layer printing process—medium blue
part of an alphabet designed digitally, that would then be used in the poster submitted

The poster submitted for this competition is the result of a small research project developed at the UIC School of Design.

It all started with a series of exercises where students and faculty were challenged to create modular letterforms using the LEGO bricks system, and then use UIC’s Vandercook letterpress machine to print the results using the bricks as printing material.

This particular poster, created to promote the project, features more than 500 individual bricks, printed with 5 different colors (including metallic silver and fluorescent orange). The letterforms were custom made and are part of a complete alphabet that is currently in development.

Designer & Printer
Pedro Neves
Letterpress Specialist
Daniel Mellis