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Kinetic is creating an infrastructure-as-a-service solution to eliminate the friction associated with providing maintenance to today’s modern digitized vehicles. Their solutions promise effortless speed, effortless accuracy, and effortless precision.

The Kinetic logo and its accompanying monogram is symbolic of their comprehensive, self-contained, ever-expanding solution. The bespoke letterforms within the wordmark nod to engineering, precision, and cutting-edge digital technology, with a sense of visual strength that keeps them grounded in the industrial sector.

The complimentary visual system – including illustration, iconography, animation, photography, and video – pays homage to the innovate solutions the team is developing to facilitate an effortless transition to the modern age of mobility for dealerships, independent and national repair shops, fleets, and OEMs.

David Sieren
Kristen Romaniszak
Mike Phillips
Danielle Pierre
Ryan Paule
Karly Hoffman
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