Estetica Local - Exhibition Identity


Exhibition poster / folded zine
Wheat paste poster campaign
Exhibition title wall, installation view, and supporting graphics
Social media asset examples
Live-capture video wall documentation, Exhibition catalog spread

Estetica Local takes the pulse of Chicago’s beating heart with an exhibition of local artists curated by Rupture, an artists-led directory of BIPOC artists. The exhibition features contemporary artists shaping Chicago’s present and future, putting to rest the eurocentric mythologies upheld by our big-box cultural institutions along the way.

The exhibition identity was loosely inspired by the seal of the city of Chicago. The seal is a symbolic graphic interface to the city. Deconstructing it—dismantling and unpacking its loaded symbolism—offers a moment of reflection on representation and aesthetics. The curious "infant on a half shell" motif was carried into the key graphics of the exhibition while other graphics, such as sheaths of wheat and ships were used as decals through the gallery space as graphic accents.

Public Works is an art & design gallery and storefront in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Our mission is to be a community hub that amplifies under-heard voices, armed only with the idea that art & design should be a whole lot more accessible, provocative and fun. Founded in 2009, Public Works is an extension of the Someoddpilot creative studio, continuing a tradition of our 25 year history within Chicago art, design, and music.

Art Director, Graphic Designer
Nick Butcher
Submission co-designer
Freddy Eschrich