Cloud Swing

Isometric Studio

We created a 2-minute trailer for Cloud Swing to help people understand the process behind the design as well as the implications of the project.
We also designed a number of Instagram videos to roll out the project, incorporating animated typography and subtitles that are legible and playful.
Additional typographic messages were embedded within the shorter clips to emphasize and uplift values of accessibility and inclusion.

Cloud Swing is a cloud-shaped, wheelchair-accessible swing set designed to inspire a world where public art and play invite and include people of all abilities. The luminous blue structure holds swings that face inward, fostering shared joy and a sense of belonging. The rhythm of the swings is meditative and calm, creating a space for healing in a frenetic world.

Inspired by our shared belief in:

- Accessibility and Belonging

- Healing and Joy

- Advancing Design Discourse

Isometric developed Cloud Swing with support from INCLUDEnyc, the most prominent NYC non-profit dedicated to equity and access for young people with disabilities. Trina Hazell, an activist and Ms. Wheelchair New York 2018 began this journey with Isometric during the design development phase of the project, offering helpful advice about safety and comfort. She was also the first person to test the accessible swing and to ride the swing when it was finally installed at Grounds for Sculpture!

Every person—of every ability—deserves a place to play. This work is not just about individual representation for people with disabilities but also about community gathering and visibility at the intersection of various identities.

Andy Chen
Waqas Jawaid
Architectural Designer
Abhishek Thakkar
Content Director
Kate McBride
Senior Graphic Designer
Paolo Fabbri
Design Director
Maria Loes
Rob Berry
Cultural Partnerships Lead, Wellcome Trust
Danielle Olsen
New York Cultural Lead, Wellcome Trust Mindscapes Program
Rebecca Jacobs
Cultural Consultant, Wellcome Trust Mindscapes Program
Lauraberth Lima
Executive Director, Grounds for Sculpture
Gary Garrido Schnieder
Director of Exhibitions & Collections, Grounds for Sculpture
Faith McClellan
Director of Guest Services, Grounds for Sculpture
Sam Hwang
Project Partner
Activist and Project Consultant
Trina Hazell
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