The Language of Beauty in African Art

Studio Blue

This publication centers on indigenous perspectives on traditional artworks from Africa by focusing on the judgments and vocabularies of members of the communities who created and used them. Featuring nearly 300 works, the book reconsiders Western aesthetic evaluations of these arts.

The catalogue’s design seeks to translate a contemporary understanding of the importance of decolonization, equity, and inclusion while projecting a dynamic vision of African art and culture. The cover and section openers incorporate a custom palette of colors drawn from the artworks; while the jacket organizes works along an indigenous aesthetic spectrum from front to back, and displays work in use on the back side.

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
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Studio Blue
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Cheryl Towler Weese
Designer, Studio Blue
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Designer, Studio Blue
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Editor, The Art Institute of Chicago
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Associate Vice President, Publishing and Interpretation, The Art Institute of Chicago
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Editorial Director, The Art Institute of Chicago
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Aidan Fitzpatrick, Bob Hashimoto, Robert Lifson, Gail Specht, Craig Stillwell, and Greg Williams
Owen Conway, Jonathan Mathias, and P. D. Young
Preproduction and coordination
Elyse Allen and Aidan Fitzpatrick
Color separations
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