Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, ArtEdge 2022 Save the Date

Studio Blue

The MCA’s primary fundraising event, ArtEdge, combines celebration and performance. This project attempts to translate the work of artist and ArtEdge honoree Nick Cave, who blurs the lines between everyday objects and high art by combining the spectacular, the blitz, the bling, and the jingle jangle with the heartfelt, emotional, humble, human, and honest. The event save the date—an empty, folded envelope—is a conceptual nod to the idea that each recipient is a catalyst or gift.

Design Firm
Studio Blue
Creative director, Studio Blue
Cheryl Towler Weese
Designer, Studio Blue
Brad Sturm
Designer, Studio Blue
Meredith Barone
Director of Fundraising Events, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Hillary Hanas
Development Assistant, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Hannah Loomis
Editor, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Leah Froats
Artist, Nick Cave Studio
Nick Cave
Studio and Special Projects Director, Nick Cave Studio
Bob Faust
Classic Color, Broadview, Illinois