Group Sounds

Zimmer-Design Inc.

What began as a leap into the ready-to-drink beverage category has matured into much more for Group Sounds, a new brand for Fujimura Hospitality. Poised to be the first to offer packaged sake cocktails to the beverage market, they originated in Fujimura's sushi restaurant Arami. When it came time to scale those concoctions, Zmmr was brought in to develop a new packaged libations brand—Group Sounds.

The family heritage of the Fujimura brothers, along with their love of fusing delicious flavors in unexpected ways, pointed us in the direction of 1960s Japanese pop culture. The Group Sounds movement kicked off shortly after The Beatles played their first Tokyo gig, merging Japanese traditions with Western rock music. It was an explosive combination and one whose foundational ideas were integral in forming the brand's identity. This would prove to be only the start of a delightfully unexpected adventure.

With the success of the Group Sounds packaged cocktails, and in partnership with Green Ideas and Wellness, collaborators in the cannabis category, Group Sounds leaped once again–into developing chef-driven edibles available in delicately-dosed varieties. The heady mixture of traditional flavors and radical pairings has created singular products that differentiate themselves through novelty and messaging.

Creative Director
Jim Zimmer
Associate Creative Director
Nathan Weaver
Graphic Designer
Nathan Weaver