Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design Prospectus 2020–21


Silkscreened interior cover spread wrapped with hybrid dust-jacket/poster.
Spread introducing academic offerings within History, Theory, and Criticism.
Title spread atop unfolded hybrid dust-jacket/poster.
Text spread featuring oversized Galapagos reference numbers, which pair to exemplary student case studies in following pages.
Introductory photo essay collaging infrastructural elements of the UH College of Architecture building designed by Philip Johnson.

The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design offers its students a platform of integrated disciplines—Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Industrial Design—from which to negotiate the complexities of contemporary practice in a world that is grappling with diminishing economic and natural resources; the realities of post-disaster reconstruction; and at the same time, continued, rapid urbanization.

The 2020–21 Prospectus is the first in a series of publications working to index Hines’ undergraduate architecture program. The students and faculty that have formed this body of work represent myriad of fields of sensibility that range from the most pragmatic professional to the most experimental soul; from the logics of technique to the speculations of history, theory, and criticism; from tactile craftsmen to new design media robotics. Prospectus is not just an archive of new assemblages; it lays forth a hint of what is being discussed to prepare students in emerging fields of architecture. Prospectus has been born in a context of ecological consciousness and celebrates the diversity of design ecologies that dwell in “The House of Education.”

Softcover thread-sewn book with hybrid dust-jacket/poster, 252 pages, 17 by 24.5 centimeters.

Art Director, Designer
Renata Graw
Lucas Reif
Catarina Freitas
Jacob Lindgren
Unyimeabasi Udoh
Rafael Beneytez Durán
Patricia Belton Oliver
Grafiche Veneziane
Evan Jenkins
Francesca Guinta