Emotive Diacritics

Niamh Curran

Emotive Sans and diacritics.
Type and research specimen book.
Body copy of Emotive Sans

Emotive Diacritics is an exploration into the function of type and its purpose within written communication. It is often noted how a text message can be interpreted in a completely different manner to the context it was written in, punctuation and emojis add some level of additional information, but could there be further developments that allow you to 'read between the lines'? Emotive diacritics places emphasis on a specific word, much like your tone of voice would, to add emotional context. Its purpose is to be used in conjunction with punctuation and emojis to develop a wide range of context for a reader. Possible uses could be to help neurodivergent learners to express a wide range of emotions and pick up on social cues in a written format. Alternatively, it could be a tool that's incorporated into online/digital communication. Ultimately, this project is about speculation and opening up the floor to new developments within type and language.

Niamh Curran