Bergen Assembly


The Professor
An Acrobats
The Coalman
The Fortune Teller
The Tourist

For the Norwegian art-triennial Bergen Assembly 2022 (08.09. – 06.11.2022), we transformed the story of the heroine, Yasmine, on her quest for the Heptahedron, guided by seven enigmatic characters, as initially outlined in Thomas Clerc’s play The Heptahedron into something tangible, building a bridge from the abstract into figurative.

These characters — as archetypes symbolically connected to the seven faces of that ever-mysterious shape, the Hepthahedron — lend their faces to the seven exhibitions in Bergen. Each show brought together three distinct artistic positions, offering diverse perspectives on the issues raised by their puzzling titles.

B/w-illustrations and a combination of handwritten and straightforward typography create a corporate design with a strong personality and support simplifying a complicated project.

Anna Bühler
Pit Stenkhoff