Bending Light

Commercial Artisan

Bending Light interior spread.
Bending Light interior spread.
Bending Light interior spread.
Bending Light back cover.
Park visitors experiment with light refraction using the Bending Light catalog/workbook.

Bending Light is a collaborative project between Indianapolis artist Lauren Zoll and designers James and Jon Sholly of Commercial Artisan.

Zoll created a sculpture comprised of translucent rods in the Shelton Heights area of Indianapolis. It is located in a park that had been blighted until local community efforts reclaimed and transformed it into a welcoming and family-friendly environment. It was also underserved by any type of public arts initiative. Zoll’s sculpture explores aspects of light refraction and invites visitors to engage with and explore these concepts.

Commercial Artisan designed and produced an interactive catalog/workbook that was made available to visitors and residents at no cost. The catalog includes colorful words and patterns that users can manipulate using the translucent rods of the sculpture and its adjacent reading stations. It includes brief text sections about the artist, the science of refraction, and the evolution of sculpture and public art in the area.

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James Sholly
Graphic Designer
Jon Sholly
Lauren Zoll
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