Artifacts of Memory

Megan Irwin

A collection of stories told through everyday objects
Table of Contents
One Day at a Time
For Warmth and Comfort
Dust and Grief

Artifacts of Memory is a collaborative risograph zine that looks at everyday objects as memorials to people, places, and experiences. This collection of objects and stories uncovers the surprising significance found in mundane material culture.

Contributions by Xinran Zhou, Jeff Glendenning, Matt Holben, Lena Park, Low Goolsby, Madeleine Page, Shulin Liu, Paloma Diaz-Dickson, and Eric Ng.

Typefaces used: Meno Banner, Prestige Elite, and Time Stamp (custom typeface by Megan Irwin, designer)

Megan Irwin
Ellen Lupton
Risograph Printer
Sam Raduns