This Could Have Become Ramayan Chamar’s Tale: Two Anti-Novels

Anna Jordan

Subimal Misra—anarchist, activist, anti-establishment, experimental anti-writer—is one of India's greatest living writers. This collection of two "anti-novels" is the first of his works to appear in the U.S. The text is experimental, often abandoning the barest pretense of narrative and composed entirely as a collage of vignettes and snippets of dialogue, reportage, autobiography, etc. Together these two anti-novels in one are a direct assault on the vast conspiracy of not seeing that makes us look away from the realities of our socio-political order.

My cover design references the anarchist spirit and collage-like structure of the book, and the structural concept of two novels in one. The title is duplicated as if two paragraphs are intersecting, one clear and the other flipped and grungy. The two voices run parallel to each other and collide in places, sometimes becoming obscured. The texture is made by hand: this cover is a photograph of an original collage, not a Photoshop effect.

Open Letter, the University of Rochester Press
Art Director
Anthony Blake
Anne Jordan