Truth Be Told


Heat-applied vinyl was used to conform to all building details including moldings and windows.
The project was later installed at the Brooklyn Art Museum.
And then again reconfigured to be a digital billboard that launched on Sunset Boulevard in LA.
Video of Sunset billboard

September 8, 2020, Nick Cave unveiled a public, large-scale artwork, Truth Be Told, designed by frequent collaborator Bob Faust at The School | Jack Shainman Gallery in Kinderhook, NY. Timed to the United States presidential election, the work comprises the words “Truth Be Told”, to spread across the façade of the building in monumental cut vinyl letters twenty-five feet high. The statement is a pointed antidote to a presidency known for propaganda that disguises truth and history to present racist and nativist ideology as patriotism. It is also open-ended, intended to spark questions surrounding personal interpretations of truth and integrity. Truth Be Told stands as an act of protest, acknowledging the power of words as symbols and organizing forces.

This site links to an article about the controversey that surrounded the project and the lawsuit that resulted. The Brooklyn Art Museum then asked to show the work on their facade to support the project as art.

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