South Side Home Movie Project


Homepage with stacking shortcuts
Custom logotype that that incorporates the film leader
Various pages celebrating the 4X3 ratio of film and it’s tactile qualities
Backgrounds embrace relational image blurs and bitmapped film textures
Mobile pages

Through the five actions of collecting, preserving, digitizing, researching and presenting, the South Side Home Movie Project advances the stories, culture, and impact of South Side residents, ensuring its history is not lost. These qualities position the South Side Home Movie Project as a work of social, spatial, and racial justice — areas our world needs far more investment in, and that Span and its designers are dedicated to.

We designed the identity and website of the South Side Home Movie Project in direct collaboration with their team of cultural and artistic advisors. Founder Jacqueline Stewart played the foundation, Archivist Justin D. Williams lead the project, and artist Amanda Williams gave us her signature color palette. Together we co-created an important cultural tool and asset for the film-making disciplines, the South Side community, our city, and far beyond — as Chicago’s South Side has had major impacts on the world.

Design Direction, Design
Nick Adam
Leah Wendzinski
Shawna O'Neal
Alex Brindley
Development Direction
John Pobojewski