Providence College Galleries Graphic Identity System

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Logomark variations & color combinations
The PCG logomark letterforms are derived from the larger institution's (Providence College) torch icon.
Poster examples

The Graphic Identity System for Providence College Galleries (PCG) oscillates in between traditional and contemporary, independent and collaborative, and historical and revolutionary. This balancing act connects PCG's history to its future, allowing the identity and personality to evolve with the institution.

The identity is a logotype made of individual components, all derived from the larger institution's (Providence College) torch icon. Using the torch's quarter-circular shape, infinite variations are combined to form the P, C, and G of Providence College Galleries logomark.

Creative Direction & Designer
Jeremiah Chiu
Creative Direction & Project Lead
Jamilee Lacy
Additional Design & Project Management
Elizabeth Corkery
Web Design & Development
Hour Studio (Tobey Albright & Mollie Edgar)
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