Ostkreuz – Agentur der Fotografen, Kontinent


In their exhibition »Continent – In Search of Europe«, the Ostkreuz collective reflects Europe’s contradictive and challenging present. In 22 political photo essays, the photographers capture the ongoing division’s wounds and lovingly explore the question of future coexistence.
Through typographical restraint and scenic treatment of the white space, the accompanying publication manages to become a visual bracket that spans the pictorial world’s diversity and fuses them like collaborative collages.
The catalog was published by @hartmann_projects, keeping with the exhibition of the same name
on the occasion of their 30th-anniversary at the @akademiederkuenste, Berlin.

Format 19,9 × 25,4 cm, 448 pages, ISBN 978-3-96070-054-8
Typeface by @jakubsamek.info

Pit Stenkhoff
Nina Odzinieks
Anna Bühler