Open Systems

Eremenko Visual Communication

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“Open Systems” is a research-based book that presents over 100 self-organized Art initiatives in Russia, exploring the phenomenon in various forms through the perspectives of artists who have pioneered projects over the past 20 years.

This edition is a handbook, each self-organization has only one spread with general information, description and images. The range of collected images was widely different, from the point of quality and artistic value. For unitification all this visual material and building unique narration, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colours were substituted to fluorescent pantones. Fluorescent Pink and Yellow alongside with Orange (pink and yellow overprint) became the basic colour palette in the book. The cover design in this colour combination has a hidden refferens to iconic series of paintings “Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue” by Barnett Newman. Between the title on a spine and type of binding does exsist a words play which means, Open Systems — open book spine.

Konstantin Eremenko
Compiling editor
Antonina Trubitsina
Managing editor
Olga Dubitskaya
Print management
Agata Chachko
Print management
Anastasiya Doktorova
Vladimir Semenkov
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art