Frida Kahlo Timeless


“The complexities of Kahlo’s paintings can not be fully understood or appreciated without insight into her person and the world she was a part of." So goes the write up for the exhibition Frida Kahlo Timeless at the Cleve Carney Museum.

The exhibition catalogue takes on this same truth. In addition to Kahlo's drawings and paintings, snapshots of her life—Frida young and old, casual and intimate, in health and sickness, together and unordered—provide context at the book’s beginning and end. Colors and tones are felt from Frida’s works and diary notes. Since “nothing is black—really nothing,” text was set in pink (“Pink: Blood? Well who knows!”) and red (“Red: … the most alive and oldest”). The blue cloth cover (“Cobalt Blue: Electricity and purity. Love.”) is a treasure hidden under the green dust jacket (“Green: Warm and good light”).

Renata Graw
Michael Savona