FAD Diploma works 2021


Digital poster
Printed catalogue
Printed catalogue
Printed catalogue
Online campaign component

Visual identity for the 2021 Faculty of Art and Design Diploma Works Exhibition at JEP University in Ústí nad Labem (CZE)

The formal lettering play of probably the most simple component – a dot/cyrcle in combination with two simple principles — multiplication and interference results in more complex and responsive set of online/print campaign, merch, printed catalogue and signage, etc.

Typefaces used (beside the dot based letterings):
FUD Grotesk designed by Ilya Bazhanov
Farbe Grotesk designed by Přemysl Zajíček

The specific colour solution is used here in FAD Diploma Works identity: based on use of unprintable rgb blue in online applications and use of the glossy gold materials in the print applications. The rgb blue becomes the gold colour of the digital environment.

Author, Graphic designer
Pavel Frič – Monsters
Graphic designer
Michaela Labudová – Monsters
Motion designer
Oskar Šťastný
Silkscreen print
Arne Charvát – Arch-Tisk
Ofset print, book production
Indigo Print – Praha
Jiří Dvořák
Faculty of Art and Design JEPU