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Both And was an exhibition at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago featuring nuanced abstract paintings by Chicago-based artist Miyoko Ito (1918–1983), alongside contemporary sculptures and paintings by Alex Chitty, Julia Fish, Avery Z. Nelson, and Brittney Leeanne Williams. Each artwork, powerful in its ambiguity, contain contradictions in terms of spatial illusion and reference(s) which obliterate any supposed binary between “abstraction” and “representation.”

The site’s design focused on formally depicting and abstracting the exhibition’s theme along with the correlative conjunction of the exhibition’s title by cycling through typographic relationships throughout. Additional graphic references to the exhibition’s theme were made by emphasizing visual spacing between artworks, repeating content types, and reconfiguring the scrolling experience based on varying modes of viewing, all with the intent of establishing new ways for Ito’s work to dialogue with her contemporaries.

Designer, Developer, Hour Studio
Tobey Albright
Designer, Developer, Hour Studio
Mollie Edgar
Exhibition Organizer
Nicole Mauser
Tiger Strikes Asteroid
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