2021 UD (Universal Design) Lifestyle Award

DAEKI & JUN Studio

Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) & Seoul Design Foundation with Seoul Metropolitan Government is hosting the “Seoul Universal Design Lifestyle Award” to recognize designs that create new lifestyles based on universal design.

Universal design(UD) is design that considers convenient utility and system and gets rid of inconvenient elements for all people such as those who suffer restrictions due to sex, age, disability, language, or other factors. With the goal of discovering and disseminating novel ideas that enhance the quality of life, the Seoul UD Lifestyle Award is a process of searching for designs that create new lifestyles in our life culture (mode of living, behavior, way of life, etc.) based on universal design. The contest's theme is “Product Designs and Ideas that Align with the Concept of Seoul UD Lifestyle.” Designs were accepted under the three categories of universal, company, and adolescent.

Medium: Poster & Motion Poster(various sizes)
Client: Seoul Design Foundation (Kyungdon Rhee, Sangmook Rhee, Soyeon Lee, Jinyoung Lee, Hyejin Kim) / Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP), Seoul Metropolitan Government

Art Director
Daeki Shim
Daeki Shim, Leejun Chang
DAEKI & JUN studio
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