Cannes Lion Live: Surprise and Design

FCB Design Group

We created one of 13 films in conjunction with our global network of offices for Cannes Lions Live that were working against the same brief: Without vulnerability, there is no creativity. A vulnerable game of telephone was played to create the script, resulting in a Dada rendition of what vulnerability means to us as a whole.

Kelly Graves
Chief Creative Officer
Andres Ordonez
President & Chief Creative Officer - National Honor's Society
Heidi Singleton
EVP, Director of Production, N.A.
Kerry Hill
EVP, Head of Design
Kevin Grady
EVP, Executive Creative Director
Lisa Bright
EVP, Executive Creative Director
Teddy Brown
SVP, Executive Creative Director
Avital Pinchevsky
SVP, Group Creative Director
Amy Ditchman
VP, Design Director
Michele Morales
Senior Designer
Ian O'Saben
Stephanie Falaschetti
Jack Fleming
Patricia Witt
Assoc. Designer
So A Ryu
VP, Director of Creative Services
Jessica Hernandez
VP, Director of Strategic Planning
Nancy Khurana
SVP, Executive Producer
John Bleeden
VP, Executive Producer
Stump Mahoney
Domenic Caruso
Assoc. Director, Project Management
Melissa Gonzales
VP, Creative Director
Brian Steckel
Studio Manager
Roman Mendez
Executive Producer
Celena Mossell
Motion Design
Dan Moore
Motion Design
Michele Timpone
Assistant Editor
Megan Marie Connolly
Sound Design/Mix
Jason Ryan
Sound Design
Alex Chojnacki
Alex Bartczak