Canyon House Residency

Afton Klein Group

Lecture series posters
Lecture series poster

Canyon House Residency at Utah State University seeks to attract leading practitioners and scholars in Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning, and other related disciplines to visit USU and stay in a private residence as an opportunity for reflection, research, collaboration, and renewal. We were asked to create an identity, visual system, and website for the residency that was appropriate for attracting these top-level practitioners.

We created a dynamic brandmark and visual strategy that maintains a contemporary edge while evoking a grand sense of place, which ties the potential visitors to the landscape. A major focus of the website is an interactive map that orients users to the proximity of the residency to major national parks, recreation, and landmarks that make the intermountain west a national destination. The variation in the system’s color palette reflects the shifting nature of this region's natural colors.

Art Director
Mike Daines
Syd Gundersen
Eli Domery
Animation / Video
Conrad Klooster
Web Developer
Kaden Hendren
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